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Pre Peel Tips

Follow these guidelines before your peel so that your skin peels more evenly to speed healing after the peel and ensure a good result.

  • Do not use prescription Retin-A or receive Botox injections 5 days before your peel
  • Do not wax the area 3 days before the peel
  • No invasive lasers such as Fraxel 6 weeks before; other lasers 2 weeks before
  • No Accutane in the last 6 months
  • No professional exfoliation treatment 3 days before
  • No tanning 3 days before; use caution so that your face is not sunburned
  • No cuts, abrasions, cold sores on your face
  • Limit alcohol the night before

It is important to hydrate your skin prior to your peel:

  • Hydrate 8 - 10 8 oz glasses of water the week before
  • Exfoliate at least a couple of days the week before (we will discuss what type of exfoliants you have
  • Moisturize day and night and wear sunscreen the week before.
  • Arrive for your peel with a clean face and no make up if possible

pre skin peel tips