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Barbara,in the next few months I should be planning a trip a trip back to San Diego. Hopefully I'll be able to schedule an appointment with you. I finally found a waxer in the San Jose area and have been twice. She's a nice person. From what I've read on-line she's pretty much on the level with what other people are doing for women and/or men. If that is the case you, your office, and process of waxing are considerably more "high end." I'm not sure what phrase to use.

An analogy I could make is that you're like a 5 star restaurant and these other folks are kind of like Denny's or Applebee's. I imagine someone going from the standard to your process is blown away. In reverse I can say I'm a little disappointed. Keep up the good work! You truly are the best!

-Pat S., San Jose,CA

I wanted to say "Thank You" for making my "first" brazilian wax a comfortable experience. I was a bit a pprehensive, but your professionalism and expertise made me feel at ease with the procedure. The pain was no where near what I had expected. You are the "BEST" male waxer in Southern California. See you in four weeks.

-John R., Riverside, CA

I was referred to Barbara at Skin Trade from a very close friend. Her rave reviews convinced me to try a facial. I've had many facials in the past, but I must say, this was the most relaxing facial I had ever had. My favorite part is the fact it is not hurried -- but the calm, relaxing and methodical method Barbara used during that luxurious hour. The products were fabulous, and the scents were calming. Not only will I return on a regular basis, but give gift certificates to my friends and family!

-Rita, Carlsbad, CA

Barbara is very skilled at what she does. I have had many Brazilian waxes and others don't compare. She is meticulous, professional and her studio is refreshing yet relaxing. I feel totally at ease during the whole session. She is a delight to work with. Thank you, Barbara for making a potentially uncomfortable situation quite pleasant.

-Susan S., Carlsbad, CA

I had never been waxed at all and I went to Barbara about a year ago for my first brazilian. As you would expect, I was somewhat nervous. I spent some time on her website beforehand going over her tips and recommendations so I felt pretty confident that although my experience was almost assuredly going to be painful at times, and it was, I was going to get professional service from a highly knowledgable and experienced waxing practitioner. I was right. Barbara is professional, knowledgable, experienced, and very personable.

For a guy, getting a brazilian is a little awkward the first time. Barbara is keenly aware of this and goes out of her way to maintain a comfortable and professional atmosphere. She does a great job.
Girls, tell your boyfriends (or husbands) who may be considering getting a brazilian but are uncomfortable with the idea of someone they don't know (or even someone they do know) seeing them from all different angles to get over themselves and go in. Tell them to do it for you. You'll both be happy with the results and he'll probably go voluntarily to a follow-up.

Guys, if you've been thinking about getting a brazilian but can't deal with even the idea of potential awkwardness and inevitable pain... here's the deal: yes, it hurts but, a) there is numbing stuff that will significantly reduce the pain during the waxing, b) Barbara is a nurse, very professional, and won't laugh at you. Suck it up, man! You owe it to your girlfriend (or wife) to try it at least once. You'll both be happy with the results. If not, you don't have to go back. Reviewing the info on the website makes a difference.

My girlfriend and I love the results and now I'm a regular customer.

- Dan - La Jolla

Barbara's professionalism is one reason my husband and I drive two hours. Barbara is more concerned that it is the "right" treatment for your skin, rather than in it for the money. We've both used her for waxing and facials. She is the best. I like that she uses a specific product, but doesn't 'force' it on you. However, it is such a terrific product line, she doesn't need to.

Worried about privacy and discretion? With Barbara, these are never a concern - another reason we've been going to her for about 3 years. Men and Women - great services for both. Prices are reasonable.

- Barbara S. - Yucca Valley, CA

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